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August 3, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
You sighed into the soft, plush pillow on your couch. You were laying facedown on your couch, and crying, groaning, cursing—everything, really.

Today you were hanging out with your 'friends', and they had spent nearly the entire day making fun of you. Some friends, huh? And what's even worse is what they were teasing you about. It was the most immature topic to bother someone over.

You had never been kissed.

Seriously, who cares? What a lame excuse to humiliate another person. Jerks. You continued sobbing into the pillow, until a certain someone, who you'd rather not mention, effectively interrupted you.

"__________! Where are you~? Are you ready?"

Oh, God… You thought to yourself regrettably. How did HE get in here…?

"_________~? Oh~! There you are, kesesese. You shouldn't keep someone as awesome as myself waiting, you know…"

"Go away, Prussia." You groaned. The pillow your face was buried in muffled your voice a bit.

"Come on frau. Get… UP~!" In order to put emphasis on the word 'up', Prussia decided to jump in the air, and fall onto your back—effectively sitting on you.

"OW! You idiot! Get off of me!" You squirmed under him, but it was no use. He must've been fatter than America…

"Nein. Tell me what's wrong, __________." He said, rubbing his bottom from side to side in order to get more comfortable. Which, by the way, grossed you out.

"Get your albino ass off of me first, you weirdo!"

"Nein. Tell me what's wrong, first." He said again. Stubborn jerk…

Prussia was (sadly) your best friend. Sadly. He was incredibly vain, arrogant, brash, rude, attractive, awesome, kind… Wait… Forget those last three things. The important thing to remember is: Prussia = Ass of the year. And that ass was on your back. In more ways than one.

"Get off my back, jerk…" You thought for a bit. "Literally." Prussia sighed, and finally removed himself from your back. Which probably has scoliosis now. Thank you, Prussia.

"Will you tell me now, __________?" Prussia asked, now sitting on the coffee table in your living room. Why doesn't he just sit on the couch?

"Why do you care? It's none of your business." You responded coldly. It really wasn't any of his concern, though… He rarely ever cared about anyone other than himself. His self-proclaimed righteousness was too 'awesome' to bother worrying about someone else.

It was quiet for a while, and the expression on Prussia's face was very…odd. "I don't know…" He said with a sigh. "But I'm not leaving until you tell me~" You groaned at his sudden stubbornness.

"Fine. But I swear, if you laugh-"

"I won't, I promise." You were taken aback by his change in personality. Usually he was a complete narcissist. Why was he suddenly paying attention to you?

"Uh… OK…" You swallowed a lump in your throat, and sighed. Telling Prussia was the worst idea ever, but he seemed somewhat sincere… "I've been getting pestered by my 'friends'…" You made the bunny quotes with your fingers to emphasize the sarcasm behind your voice, which surprisingly made Prussia… Chuckle… Weird. "All because I've never… K-kissed anyone before…" You continued as a mild blush attempted to dust your cheeks.

Prussia stared at you blankly for a while. After a few minutes of silence, you concluded he was waiting for the perfect moment to break out into laughter. His lips curled up into his usual smirk, and you frowned. Here it comes…

"Kesesese!" He laughed that creepy laugh of his, but it wasn't menacing, or rude. It was… Well… It was hard to explain.

"W-what's wrong?" You asked, still a bit embarrassed by your confession to him moments ago.

"Is that it? Kesesese~" He stood up from the table, and walked over to you. Once his towering body was inches from yours, he leaned down to your level, and breathed his warm breath against your ear. "I could change that…" He whispered into your ear seductively, causing you to blush massively, and shiver from his warm breath.

"CREEP!" You screeched as you grabbed the pillow on the couch, and slammed it against his head. He stumbled to the side a bit, still smirking. You held the rather large pillow against your stomach, and wrapped your legs around it.

"Ow… What was that for, ________?" He asked. He was rubbing his cheek with his pale hand, and he sat on the couch next to you.

"Y-you know why, you… you deviant!" Prussia chuckled, and scooted closer to you. He turned his head to the side, and stared at you. Your face erupted in heat, and you held back the urge to return the gaze. Instead, you just stared at the carpet, and strengthened your grip on the plush pillow you were holding.

"You never answered me…." Prussia stated after a brief sigh. You closed your eyes, and sighed as well.

"I…" You paused, and buried your face into the pillow once again. "I don't know how…" You spoke in a muffled tone. Prussia simply laughed again.

"I'll teach you~ I'm awesome, so it'll be easy." He said as he firmly planted his hands on your shoulders, and spun you around to face him on the couch. Now the two of you were facing each other, both sitting on your knees, on the couch.

"W-w-what!? But if you t-teach me, then you'll have to…" Your voice trailed off, and you lost yourself in Prussia's ruby red eyes. They were a shade of red that enticed you to no degree…

"Kesesese~ Now that I've got your attention, I can teach you how to kiss almost as awesomely as myself." Prussia said, and his hand trailed from your shoulder, up your neck, and rested on your cheek. It was needless to point out how red your cheeks were.

"P-Prussia, I-I-I…" Prussia smirked, and leaned himself closer to you, leaving less than an inch between your lips, and his…

"OK, so now all we have to do is…"

"P-Prussia…" You leaned your head away from him a bit, and he locked his crimson red orbs with your [e/c] ones…

"Hm?" He hummed.

"I-I can't… I mean… Uhm… I-I like y-you… B-but you d-d-don't h-have to do this… I-I mean…-" Prussia finally got impatient with your rambling, and leaned himself into you, successfully pressing his lips against yours.

At first, you were completely shocked, red, and humiliated. This was awful! Terrible! Appalling! Horrific…! Gentle… warm… and… loving… You fluttered your eyes closed, and almost as if subconsciously, you kissed him back.

What's wrong with me…? That thought lingered throughout your mind, and you constantly questioned yourself.

What was supposed to be a simple 'lesson', turned much more heated, and passionate. Yeah, let's see your friends now. Most of your friends—No… Everyone you knew would kill another person just to hold Prussia's HAND! And here you were, the girl who just a few hours ago, was being teased for never kissing someone, was practically making out with every girls dream albino.

Eventually, Prussia pulled away from you, and there was a moment where you just stared at each other. Your face was beet-red, and the two of you were panting for air.

"A-alright, now…-"

"Prussia?" You interrupted the Prussian mid-sentence, causing him to look down at you with a questioning glare.

"What is it?"

You took a deep breath, and bit your lip. "Why… Why did you… Kiss me…?" The question seemed to bother him quite a bit, as he shifted himself around on the couch.

"Um…" Prussia looked away from you, and narrowed his eyes. It was the first time you saw him so deep in thought. "__________… Can I tell you something?" He asked after returning his gaze to you.

"…Y-yes…" You managed to stutter out.

"I, um… I…"

There was a long silence for a while, and you were genuinely concerned. First he starts worrying about your problems. Then he kisses you. Now he's stuttering. Those were three things you never thought Prussia would do. Ever!



"…Ich liebe dich…" He said hesitantly, and sweetly. It caught you off-guard quite a bit.

"W-wha…-" Before you could even respond to what Prussia had said, his lips were rammed into yours once more, for another passionate, and blissful kiss.

This time, you weren't going to question it. You gingerly wrapped your arms around his neck, and pulled him closer to you, deepening the kiss, all the while blushing madly. You could feel Prussia smirk through the kiss from your action.

The two of you had been kissing for quite some time, and you were starting to desperately need air. How could Prussia last so long without breathing, anyway? Well, you were a beginner when it came to such actions, so he probably had some secret knowledge of breathing while kissing.

Not able to hold your breath any longer, you opened your mouth, and briefly inhaled oxygen; before you felt something wet and warm enter your hot cavern. You yelped in surprise, but it ended up sounding like a moan, which only enticed Prussia to go further.

His tongue boldly explored your mouth, causing you to shiver and blush. You could feel the slippery muscle slide over your own, and tickle your taste buds, making you moan lightly. "G-Gilbert…" You moaned through the kiss. You rarely ever used his human name—only when you were angry with him, or something.

Prussia smirked and growled softly as he continued to kiss you. Hearing you say his actual name… it drove him crazy.

Prussia pulled away from you, and you opened your eyes. You were about to question why he stopped, but when you opened your mouth to do so, he had moved on from your lips, to your neck, and instead of questioning him, you ended up mewling in pleasure and approval.

The albino chuckled from the noises you made, and ran his moist tongue along your thin, and sensitive neck, resulting in your spine tingling and your body shivering. "P…Prussia…" You breathed, crossing your legs from underneath him, as your body grew hotter, and more willing.

His skillful hands ran up and down your clothed curves, and you found yourself gripping his shoulders roughly. Which, he didn't seem to mind at all.

You moaned loudly when you felt a special spot on you neck tingle, and Prussia smirked. He found the most sensitive spot on your flesh, and he was keen on nibbling it, hoping to leave a mark.

Suddenly, Prussia pulled away from you, and glanced down at your blushing, and panting form. He was straddled over your hips, and you were completely on your back. Even if you wanted to escape him, you wouldn't be able to. … Not like you wanted to…

Prussia leaned in closer to you once more, and hovered his soft lips over your ear, breathing warm air onto the delicate flesh.

"Liebe… why don't we take this into the bedroom~?" He sang seductively in your ear. Your face heated up, and you blinked a few times, processing your answer in your head before speaking it.

You… … Although you wouldn't admit it, you were in love with Prussia… and apparently, he felt the same. Those words… those three words hovered in your mind…

Ich liebe dich… ich liebe dich… ich liebe dich… He… he loved you… you! And you loved him… and you were going to prove it…

You opened your mouth to answer, but no words came out. You were still out of breath from the kiss… and the way he touched you… So, you just slowly and sheepishly nodded your head. "Ja…" You gasped out, since it was the only form of 'yes' you could really manage to say at the moment.

Prussia's smirk widened, but it wasn't mischievous, like his usual smirks. It was kind, and loving, and you found yourself smiling at him as well.

"Good~" Prussia cooed, and removed himself from on top of you. You sat up from the couch, and just as you were about to stand, the Prussian albino scooped you up into his arms, still smirking cockily.

"P-Prussia?!" You questioned him aloud, blushing as he held you comfortably, not struggling at all with your weight.

He laughed his signature 'kesesese', and he carried you up into your bedroom, and practically threw you onto the large, cushy, and bouncy bed.

Running back to the door, and locking it, the Prussian rushed over to your side on the bed, and immediately hovered himself over you. That large, and usually arrogant smirk was still plastered on his pale, and handsome face. You still couldn't believe that he loved you…

"Prussia…?" You called out to him, nervousness and uncertainty lacing your delicate voice.

"Mm?" He hummed in response, locking his crimson red orbs with your [e/c] ones.

"Do you…" You hesitated and inhaled deeply. "…do you… really love me…?" Prussia's lips parted slightly, and his eyes were a bit more wide then usual. He hadn't expected you to question his feelings…

"Of course, liebe…" He assured you with a tender and loving smile. Your heart nearly skipped a beat from that gaze, but you needed more convincing.

"S-…say it again…" You demanded in a somewhat shy whisper. You were commanding him to say it, but your tone made it sound as if you were begging; which, technically you were. You were desperate to hear him say it again.

"________... Ich liebe dich—I love you." He said, in both his native tongue, and English. Your cheeks went hot, and you didn't say anything. Instead, you found yourself lost in his enticing scarlet gaze.

"… I'll prove it~" He chirped, and forcefully pushed his soft lips onto yours once again. You had been so lost in his stare that you gasped a bit from this passionate action.

Soon, without even asking permission, which he didn't have to anyway, he forced his tongue into your cavern, and explored every inch of your mouth.

Prussia held his body up with his right hand, as the other grazed over your clothed breast, and gently squeezed the soft and sensitive mound of flesh.

"A-ahn~" A small, and unintentional moan left your soft lips, and he continued back down to your neck and collarbone; nibbling, and suckling on the thin flesh.

You bit your lip to prevent yourself from moaning, and felt your nether regions growing hotter, and more anxious. Your body stiffened a bit from the wanting of becoming one with the Prussian man. Prussia seemed to notice this, and he tugged on the hem of your shirt, as if the article of clothing was bothering him.

You sheepishly nodded in approval, and moments later your blouse was removed from your torso, and thrown on the floor, beside the bed, leaving you in you in only your bra and jeans.

Prussia wasted no time in cupping your mounds in his soft, pale hands, and gave them a gentle squeeze. In response, you mewled in delight, and he continued to massage and knead them.

"P-Prussia…" You softly whispered his name. Prussia smirked a bit, but he wasn't by any means satisfied. He wanted to hear you scream his name. And not his country name. His human name. When he heard you moan out 'Gilbert' earlier, it drove him mad. He wanted to hear you say it again.

Gilbert toyed with the straps of your bra for a while, rubbing the wirey material against your soft skin. After a while, he grew bored of that, and finally decided to remove his shirt as well. He tossed his T-shirt aside, and it fell next to yours on the floor.

Your face heated crimson when you saw him shirtless. He… he really was awesome.

Timidly, you brushed your fingertips against his now bare chest, and he grunted softly in reply. The way your soft fingers gently caressed his pale abdomen, made him blush slightly as the thoughts of what the two of you were going to be doing swarmed through his mind.

Prussia grabbed your wrists, and placed them against your sides, and he leaned down, and kissed your stomach, sending small shivers throughout your body. You could feel your vital regions grow moister and moister with anticipation, as he gently kissed down to the hem of your jeans, and abruptly stopped to look up to your face, asking permission to remove them.

Of course you nodded, and he did just that.

Soon, your jeans were off, and thrown with the shirts the two of you had just removed. Your blush deepened, as Gilbert stared down at your half-exposed body. A smirk formed on his face, and he gently caressed your thigh, making sure to touch you where you were most sensitive; which, was right near the line of your undergarments.

Your body whimpered from his touch, and your mind was muffled with pleasure, lust, and love for Gilbert. Soft mewls left your lips, and you gripped the bed sheet gently… at least, it was gentle… at first…

The smirk glued on Prussia's face grew much wider, and slightly toothy, as he slid a finger over your panty-concealed folds, and you moaned a bit louder, and gripped the bed sheets more roughly. "Gil…bert…" You panted out, positioning your head up to look at him. His face reddened a bit from hearing you softly coo his name, but it still wasn't enough.

The albino Prussian hovered his body back over your torso, and he wrapped his arms around your back, and undid the hatch on your bra. Once he heard the material click, he grinned, and removed the clothing from you, revealing your bare chest.

Your face reddened once again, and you looked away, not wanting to make eye contact with the albino in such an embarrassing state.

"_______... look at me…" Prussia demanded sweetly. You slowly complied, and your gaze soon met with his. He leaned into you, and kissed you sweetly, and passionately, before murmuring "Your beautiful" into your lips. The compliment only made you blush more, however, but you nodded your head, allowing him to continue.

Prussia nodded his head as well, and soon, his moist lips were latched onto the buds on your breast, while his free hand cupped the other, and kneaded it.

Your face grew really hot now, along with your lower regions. You found yourself gasping in approval, enticing the albino to pleasure you even more.

After enough attention was given to the one breast, Prussia swapped sides, now kissing and suckling on the previously cupped mound. The pleasure was overwhelming, and you accidentally bucked your hips into Prussia's, a low moan left his lips in return, and vibrating against your moist bud.

Now just as excited as you, Prussia drew himself away from your chest, and hopped out of his jeans, leaving him in his… … Gilbird… designed… boxers…? You giggled at the cute shorts, and Prussia blushed lightly.

"W-what's so funny?" He asked, knowing full well what was so funny, but unable to come to terms with it.

"Your boxers are adorable…" You whispered in reply, still warm in the face from his previous attention.

Prussia didn't say anything. Instead, he gripped the elastic of your panties, and stretched them. Once they were stretched back far enough, he let them go, and they made a loud snap sound.

"O-ow!" You squeaked with a prominent frown. Prussia laughed his signature laugh, and as you were distracted, he slowly dragged the fabric down your legs, and removed them, leaving you completely nude.

Your face was once again painted the red color panel, and your frown grew larger from viewing the look on the arrogant Prussian's face. He looked rather proud.

"Kesesese~! You're super wet, _________~" He sang in a mocking tone, as he ran a finger between your soaked folds, and brought his finger back up to his lips.

Your eyes widened as you just processed what he said.

"Sh-shut up!" You hissed back at him. Prussia simply smirked, and ran his finger over your vital regions once again, in a way that made you wince in pure pleasure. You felt his finger stop, and flick over that one special bundle of nerves, that drove you made with pleasure. "A-ah~ P-Prussia…"

Prussia's eyes narrowed down at your whimpering form, and he frowned a bit. He still wasn't satisfied. Sure, that moan was a bit louder than the others, but he still wanted to hear your lungs screaming his name. So, he stopped thinking, and went back to pleasing…

"________... you sound so cute…" He cooed, and kissed the sensitive area that was just slightly above your nether regions, and was close to your hips.

Your body shook from the immense pleasure from the simple action. Prussia knew this, and pressed his hot muscle against the soft flesh, and rubbed circles around the area, making you shiver in anticipation even more.

As his tongue slid across your flesh, you felt something else slide into your soaked core, causing you to moan incredibly loudly. "A-AH!" Your body shifted to the side, which only increased the pleasure you were feeling from below you. When you looked down, you noticed that Prussia had slipped a single digit inside of you.

He continued to tease you like this for a while, occasionally sliding his tongue against the bundle of nerves that was located just slightly over his finger, heating up your body immensely, and resulting in you moaning and panting uncontrollably.

Soon he added a second finger, and the two worked in a duet, reaping moans from you with each thrust, flick, and scissoring motion. The pleasure… it was just too much…

Eventually, you felt an incredibly strange, tightening from right where your stomach was, and soon after, Prussia pulled his fingers out, smirking devilishly as you caught your breath.

"P-Prussia… w…why'd you…" You couldn't even finish your question, because you were panting so heavily.

Prussia glanced at you, a serious expression coating his face. "_______..." He hovered his face over yours, his lips only inches from your own.

"Y-yes?" You responded to him, still panting and out of breath.

"I… love you…" He said again, glancing his crimson orbs at you lovingly. The blush on your cheeks deepened, and you grinned like an idiot.

"I love you, too… Prussia…" You hesitated a bit, not sure if you should call him by his country or human name. Prussia didn't seem to mind, though. He smiled, and gently grazed his lips over yours.

As the Prussian was distracted with your lips, your slyly ran your hands over his member, which was still concealed by his boxers. He grunted in reply, and continued to run your gentle fingers over the clothing, getting more than a few moans from him.

Eventually, you felt a bit bolder, and gripped the elastic of his boxers. He stopped kissing you, and smirked, giving you permission to pull them off—which you did.

Once the clothing was removed, you felt yourself blush even harder. It was your first time, and you weren't very familiar with size, but you assumed he was above average.

… No wonder he always pranced around, shouting about his, 'awesome five meters'.

You hadn't even noticed, but Prussia went back to kissing and suckling your neck. Your breaths were short and heavy, and your arm trembled as you reached down and took his length into your hand.

Prussia stopped and let out a small growl of satisfaction. Your cheeks were inflamed once again from hearing the noise he made, and you strangely felt much more confident than before.

You stroked his member slowly, and teasingly, which drove soft moans from his lust-driven lungs. Those moans and grunts only excited you more, and you continued pleasuring him. As you did this, he went back to licking and sucking on your neck and breasts. His occasional moans would sometimes vibrate against your flesh; driving soft mewls from your lips as well.

Eventually, Prussia grew tired of the teasing, and grabbed your wrists. You gave him a questionable glare, and he smirked as he pinned your arms up beside your head.

"Are you ready, liebe?" He breathed huskily as he positioned himself over you. His face was a light pink from the way you touched him.

"I-… uhm..." You nodded your head sheepishly, and he nodded back in return. "P-Prussia…?"

"Mm?" Prussia glanced at you, and tilted his head to the side. "What's wrong, liebe?"

"I love you…" You whispered to him in reply. He simply smirked, and planted a soft kiss on your lips.

"I know~!" He teased arrogantly. You giggled a bit, and rolled your eyes. It was so strange… Never, in a million years did you expect to love him this much. He always just seemed like an arrogant bastard, but he was actually caring, and kind. It made your heart beat faster just thinking about it.

You yelped when you felt the Prussian's member poke at your entrance, and you gripped his shoulders, preparing yourself for a piercing pain. He glanced at you sweetly, and you nodded.

You took in a deep breath, and Prussia forced his length into your soaking, wet core. You cried out in pain, and gripped his shoulders. He held perfectly still, waiting for you to adjust to him.

Even as you felt this overwhelming pain, you couldn't help but feel slightly impressed by the Prussian. He must have truly loved you, to not ram himself into you continuously. He didn't want to hurt you…

As you thought about this, you shifted from under him, and instead of pain, you felt a jolt of pure pleasure, causing an involuntary moan to escape your plump lips.

"O-oh…~" You moaned softly. Prussia's eyes widened slightly, and he pulled himself out of you unbearably slow, resulting in the both of you moaning now. Once he was out of you, he rammed himself back in, and you threw your head back in ecstasy. "Prussia~!"

Prussia's blush deepened from hearing you shout his name, and he bit his lip. He placed one hand on your hip, as the other was on the bed, holding him up. "Liebe… I-… ah!" Prussia grunted loudly as he continued thrusting into you.

The two of you continued like this for a while, and both you and Prussia were crying in nothing but pure pleasure and ecstasy. He knew the two of you weren't going to last much longer, and he still hadn't heard you scream his human name. That frown of dissatisfaction returned to his lips, but soon curved back into a smirk.

Prussia moved his hands from your hips to either side of your head, and pushed himself deeper into your core, causing you to scream out in pleasure. He smirked and panted as he continuously bucked himself into you, over and over again. "P-Prussia!" You squeaked loudly. The albino's smirk widened once again.

You and Prussia were close to your limits, and he rammed himself inside of you deep enough to tickle your g-spot. You couldn't stop yourself from screaming his name to the heavens, feeling nothing but pure pleasure, and love for the Prussian man.

"A-ahn! GILBERT~!" You shouted, throwing your head back, and lazily placing your right arm over your forehead, as the other gripped Prussia's shoulder roughly.


Prussia's smirk widened even more at the thought of putting you through such sexual pleasures…

…and because he finally got you to scream his name.

Gilbert bucked himself into you a few more times, and the both of you finally reached your limits. You screamed each other's names one last time before you felt your release, and came.

Prussia thrust into you one last time, before he finally met his release as well, and released his warm seed inside of you.

He pulled out of you, and lazily fell beside you, panting heavily. His cheeks were flushed a deep red, and that smirk that never left his pale features was, of course, plastered across his face.

You stared at the ceiling for a while, panting and sweating, before you turned to your side, and snuggled your face into Gilbert's chest. He didn't seem to mind, and he grabbed a blanket, and pulled it over the two of you.

"That was amazing, _______." Prussia kissed your forehead, and leaned his head against yours, sighing contently as he did so.

You giggled softly, and kissed his chest. "Don't you mean awesome?" You asked, lifting an eyebrow as you spoke his favorite word.

"Kesesese~ Yes, of course…" He replied, and sighed in content. It was then that you realized something.

Why was he at your house to begin with?

"Prussia… why did you come to my house today?" You questioned as you stifled a yawn. After what the two of you had just done, you were fairly exhausted.

"Mm?" Prussia chuckled and wrapped his arms around you. "We were supposed to hang out today, _______. I was going to take you to see an awesome movie, and…" His voice trailed off and he sounded a bit uncomfortable.

"…and?" You glanced up at him, and noticed his cheeks were slightly rosy, and his usual smirk was flat.

"I-I was… hoping to confess to you today… b-but I didn't expect it to end up like this…" Prussia chuckled awkwardly and returned your glance. His usual smirk returned to his pale face, and turned a bit toothy. "But I'm glad it did. Ich liebe dich, ______..." Prussia said, and pressed his soft lips to yours. You gladly returned the action, and rested the side of your head against his chest again.

"I love you, too, Gilbert Beilschmidt…" You admitted, and fell asleep in the arms of your Prussian lover.

I've been working on this for about a week, since I got sidetracked ALOT. My aporogies. :iconjapansaysnoplz:

Anyway, this is my SECOND lemon! I hope you guys enjoy it. ^^ This is a gift to all my watchers! I recently got 100+ watchers! ;D I'm soooo happy! Especially since I just got a butt-ton of them in the past 2 days. ^/////^ So, I hope you enjoy this lemon. I personally think it's my best one!


...This is my 69th deviation. :iconpervyprussiaplz: LAWL. So, I thought it was appropriate. XD

Long lemon is long. 14 pages.

Enjoy, guys!

Hetalia and Prussia is owned by Hidekaz Himaruya.

You are owned by :iconprussiasparklesplz:




This is my most popular story. XDDD 1.5k view. ;w; and 200 faves. I'm so happy. Thanks for reading everyone~ <3

EDIT # 2



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blackdreamer17 Feb 16, 2014  Student Writer
Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Nosebleed Dead Happy 
Pruhunshipper4life Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was perfect omg. :iconshysmileplz: :iconblushplz:
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