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January 18, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Eventually, Gilbert and you were ready for bed. The Prussian had offered you one of his extra pajama bottoms, seeing as you didn't have any and your current pants were soaked from the rain earlier. You modestly accepted his offer, and soon realized why he continuously tried to assure you he didn't wear the clothing anymore. With a burning blush on his face, Gilbert had offered you a pair of black flannel pajama bottoms with tiny yellow birds on them. Just looking at the article of clothing spread a silly grin upon your face. And now you were wearing the pants! If it wasn't for the fact that you were currently laying beside Gilbert in his bed--shivering nervously and awkwardly--you would totally poke at him for the ridiculous pajama bottoms. But you just felt so simply nervous at the moment; you couldn't bring yourself to do anything!

"_________... are you cold? Y-you're shivering..." Gilbert suddenly whispered, staring into your eyes intently. It was true; you were shivering, but that wasn't the reason. You were actually fairly warm--under the blankets with Gilbert. Although, you must have looked really awkward since you couldn't bring yourself to lay too close to him.

Regardless of the truth, you answered Gilbert, "Um... a little..." you said, a cold silence waiting patiently for you to speak. During the silence that followed your statement, you glanced around the dark room, and listened to the noises outside.

The entire house was completely silent, albeit outside was rather noisy on account of the storm. However, it was a soft loudness. You could hear the wind blowing rapidly outside, and it was calming to you. The snow whipped viciously against the small windows displaying limited amounts of light in the Prussian's room.

After a few more moments, Gilbert's body soon scooted closer to yours, and he awkwardly wrapped his arms around you once again, "Th-there..." He muttered, and you could feel his cheeks growing hotter and hotter the longer he held you. For a moment, you were sort of shocked; your own face was probably just as warm as Gilbert's. Eventually though, your arms snaked around him as well, and you pressed your rosy cheek against his chest. Gilbert barely flinched from the returned gesture. The albino wasn't really used to intimate contact such as this... but he loved it.

For a while, you just laid there; you couldn't fall asleep. You felt so... anxious. It was strange. You felt as though you had to... do something. Part of you knew exactly what it was, too. You were skeptical, and fairly nervous, though, "G-...Gilbert...?" You softly called out to the Prussian, barely gripping his shirt.

"Hm?" Gilbert hummed in response, opening his scarlet eyes to look at you, "what is it, ________?"

You stared at Gilbert for a while; a thick lump in your throat needed to be swallowed away before you could speak, "I... I never got to give you your birthday gift..." you muttered softly to the albino, glancing to the side nervously.

Gilbert blinked a few times, looking slightly startled by your statement. Birthday gift? Knowing you felt the same way he did was a gift enough in all honesty. Besides... what was the gift? And where was it...? "Oh? You don't have to, Mädchen... having you here with me is enough, kesese!" Gilbert smirked slightly, and you shook your head.

"N-no... I want to... give this to you," you quickly mumbled, your face barely heating, "I have for a while..." Gilbert's smirk faltered just barely after hearing you say that, and he grew curious over the gift. You could tell by the way he fell silent and stared intently at you. You swallowed another lump in your throat, and blinked a few times before continuing, "just... close your eyes..." After a few moments of thinking it over, Gilbert faintly grinned and nodded his head. He soon closed his enticing ruby eyes, and you stared at his pale features for a while. Gilbert was so handsome to you...

Shaking your head, you inhaled a deep and shaky breath. You slowly removed your arms from around Gilbert, and ghosted your hands onto his shoulders instead. Lifting yourself up a bit, and lining your face with the albino in front of you, you softly whispered, "H-happy birthday, Gilbert... I love you..." With that said, you slowly shut your eyes and placed a delicate and chaste kiss against Gilbert's lips.

Every second your soft lips lingered against Prussia's, his face only increased in heat, and his heart pounded against his chest harder and faster than before. It was safe to say that he didn't see that coming. With wide eyes, Gilbert blinked awkwardly as he attempted to process what you were doing. Eventually, he collected himself, and re-shut his eyes--returning your loving kiss with just as much love and passion that was given to him. His arms tightened around you, and he pulled you closer to him; close enough for your bodies to be pressed flush with each other. Gilbert's slim, pale hand traveled up to cup the back of your head, and his lithe fingers twined around your silky locks as he deepened the wonderful kiss.

You could feel the eagerness behind the Prussian's actions, but unfortunately, the two of you remembered how necessary air was, and that you both desperately needed it. Reluctantly pulling away from each other, you panted softly as you stared into Gilbert's enticing scarlet eyes, "_________... Ich liebe dich auch... so much..." Said albino whispered breathlessly to you, a hot blush scorching his pale cheeks. Almost immediately after that was uttered, the Prussian's body was soon hovering above yours, and his warm lips were quick to latch onto yours once again.

You softly groaned against Gilbert's lips; you hadn't expected him to kiss you... or hover himself over you--keeping you from leaving. Not like you wanted to. Gilbert's left hand gently ran up your form and rested on your heated cheek as he continued to passionately kiss you. He slowly and gently rubbed circles with his thumb against your soft cheek, and you barely shuddered from the gentle feeling.

Eventually, Gilbert pulled his mouth away from yours, his face an even darker shade of red, "__-_________... I'm sorry... I don't know what--"

"Gilbert it's alright," You interrupted the Prussian, panting softly, "I don't mind... if it's you..." A small, and sheepish grin formed on your face after speaking, and you nervously turned your head away. What if Gilbert didn't want to do things like that with you...? The thought made you even more anxious...

Gilbert's eyes widened, and for a while he just stared down at you. The Prussian was too awkward to ever really do anything like this! But... if it was for you, he wouldn't mind. In fact, the thought excited him and filled him with a warm feeling. With a determined gleam in his unique red eyes, Gilbert leaned down and placed a gentle kiss against your cheek, Ja... alright, meine Liebe..." He whispered against the flesh, and you blushed from his words.

Not wasting any time, Gilbert's soft lips were soon latched onto your neck, and you let out a light--barely audible--groan. The albino's teeth dragged against your smooth skin, and he slowly and sensually began to suck on the delicate flesh. Already you could feel tingly sensations coursing throughout your being. Your body shivered with anticipation, and you softly moaned when Gilbert began sucking on the sweet spot of your neck. The Prussian relished in the sweet sound you made, and he aimed for more. His lithe fingers ran up and down your body, sending more pleasant shivers up your spine. Kissing your jaw delicately, Gilbert's hand eventually found itself gripping the hem of your shirt.

Seconds passed... and then minutes... and Gilbert still couldn't bring himself to remove your shirt; even though it was obvious you were completely OK with it, "G-Gilbert?" you mumbled softly to the Prussian, whose eyes soon locked with yours, "what's wrong?" Gilbert's face paled even more as he realized how long he had been frozen. How could he explain to you how he felt at that moment? Even though he was a complete and total hooligan as a child, Gilbert was still raised to respect women. That was one of the reasons why he's never really done anything like this before. This whole time... he was just following his instincts; and they seemed to be working thus far...

Gilbert looked away from you, a nervous look on his face, "I-I'm sorry, _________... I--" He paused, and sighed softly, "I've never... w-well..." The Prussian just couldn't bring himself to tell you this was his first time ever doing something so intimate... he felt like such a dork! He was a hundreds of years old powerful ex-nation; you'd think he would have had sex once. But he never really thought of it before! That was probably thanks to the Teutonic Knights. Gilbert was practically raised on religion when he was a kid; and because of that, he's always known to respect women. Plus... he was so awkward and shy around girls! His big ego was just a cover-up for that, "Kese--oh Gott..." The poor Prussian; not even his 'awesome' ego could save him from the angst he felt.

You blinked and fell completely silent. Gilbert has never--... Your face grew hot at the thought. Gilbert has never had sexual relations with anyone before. Well, it's not like you have either--but you were incredibly surprised with Gilbert! With the way he acted, you had been convinced he was more than sexually active, "Gilbert..." You whispered to the Prussian; a faint grin formed against your kissed lips as you continued teasingly, "you're so adorable~"

Gilbert immediately turned his head back towards you, a confused look on his face along with a radiant red blush, "W-was?" He asked in German, feeling utterly bewildered. Adorable? That was definitely not a word used to describe him. Being called such a thing--especially by you--made his face flare up even more.

You closed your eyes and your grin expanded after seeing the Prussian's adorable reaction. It was true, though. You truly thought Gilbert was so adorable sometimes! The way he could be awkward and sometimes shy... it was just too cute.

With a somewhat mischievous glint in your eyes, you began lifting yourself up beneath Gilbert, "I-it's okay, Gilbert... I understand," you said as he removed himself from above you. Once you were free from Gilbert, you sat on your calves and scooted closer to him, "it's your birthday, anyway~" The Prussian stared at you dumbfounded for a few moments; he was so dense with your intentions, which only made him seem even more adorable. You couldn't help but softly chuckle at his oblivious nature.

You placed a gentle hand atop Gilbert's shoulder, and the other ghosted to the back of his head. Your fingers twined in Gilbert's silvery locks as you pressed your lips against his firmly. Immediately, Gilbert returned the kiss, and you began to awkwardly move your lips against his. It was a strange and tingly feeling, but the two of you eventually found a steady rhythm for your mouths to move to.

After a few moments of kissing like that, you felt something warm and slippery flicking at your bottom lip. The feeling made you shudder, and you subconsciously parted your lips. You soon realized what exactly was teasing you when you felt Gilbert's tongue snake into your mouth, nervously and awkwardly. Blushing heavily and moaning a bit into the kiss, Gilbert's tongue explored your cavern with a timid grace; his hot muscle swiped across your own and gently teased your palate.

Your hands maneuvered down to grip the Prussian's shirt, and you quivered in mild pleasure against Gilbert. The simple kiss felt so wonderful; you couldn't stop yourself from making soft, barely audible moans against his mouth. You also couldn't stop yourself from suddenly fiddling with the albinos attire. Soon, your fingers were hastily unbuttoning his shirt, and your lower regions were growing more and more excited.

You pulled away from the blissful kiss, panting softly as a thin strand of saliva kept the two of you in contact. With another gleam of mischief in your eyes, you barely smirked as you brought your almost plump lips to Gilbert's ear. Breathing hot air against the shell of Gilbert's ear, you slowly and sensually ran your tongue along the skin, causing Gilbert to shudder and moan quietly.

With reddened cheeks, Gilbert chuckled, "Kese... you're really excited, aren't you, Mädchen~?" he teased, a loving grin on his face. That kiss made Gilbert's heart race violently; his stomach was filled with those fluffy feelings once again. And he loved the way you hastily fiddled with his shirt and ran your hot muscle against his ear. It showed you were just as excited as he was--but the way you struggled to unbutton his shirt showed how nervous you were, too. It was so adorable and sexy at the same time.

Your face barely flushed at the albino's inquire, "Sh-shut up," You mumbled, pursing your lips just barely, "of course I'm excited... I-I've been wanting to do this with you for so long..." You paused in unbuttoning Gilbert's shirt, and looked away from him nervously. His eyes widened exceptionally, and a darker blush threatened to overwhelm his face. He had no idea...

"Ah... Ich liebe dich, __________..." Gilbert muttered lovingly, pressing his lips against the apple of your cheek.

You blushed from the mild contact, and replied, "I love you too, Gilbert..." He grinned sweetly, and you timidly returned to unbuttoning his shirt.  Inhaling a short breath, you leaned in closer to Gilbert's neck, and pressed your lips against his pale skin. The Prussian barely shuddered from the sudden action, and he wrapped his arms around you--pulling you closer and holding you tighter.

Soon, Gilbert's shirt was unbuttoned and he moved away from you just barely so you could remove the article. Once his shirt was off and tossed aside, you immediately pressed the pads of your fingers against his chest. His skin was smooth and pale, and he wasn't as muscular as his younger brother; it wasn't like you cared, though. You thought he was perfect.

Gilbert grunted softly as you continued running your fingers up and down his abdomen, and his grip on you increased when you started sucking gently on the skin of his neck. Now he understood what you meant earlier when you said it was his birthday. Gilbert loved the sensual attentions he was being given--but the albino wanted you to be in pleasure, too. Even more so than himself. He honestly didn't care what was done to him; Gilbert wanted to hear sweet sounds erupt from your throat, and he wanted to see you whimper in pure pleasure. But most of all... he just wanted you to be happy and satisfied. However, if that was going to happen, he'd have to finally push away that awkward feeling he was having earlier...

A soft groan slipped past Gilbert's lips, and his hold on you increased once again. As soon as your teeth dragged over the sweet spot of his neck, a more audible moan left the back of his throat; he blushed softly and chuckled, "...kese,  __-_________," The Prussian said breathlessly, gently pushing you down so he was hovering above your body once more, "l-let me..."

You blinked a few times, and soon, Gilbert's lips were latched onto your neck again. You shivered softly, and moved your hands to grip the Prussian's shoulders. Gilbert barely smirked at your response, and his digits traveled up and around your form, until his hands were gently cupping your unattended, and covered breasts; he lightly squeezed, "A-ah..." You quietly moaned from the sudden action, "G-Gilbert..."

The Prussian immediately tensed and paused upon hearing you softly moan his name, "__-_______... y-you're okay with this... r-right?" he asked, a nervous bead of sweat sliding down the side of his head. That soft moan sent incredible shivers up Gilbert's spine; he loved the high he felt from hearing you make such a delicious sound. And his name--oh man, when you moaned out his name... it drove him crazy.

You nodded your head just barely, and Gilbert sighed in relief, "G-gut..." He uttered, a flustered grin present on his flushed face, "I-I don't want you to be uncomfortable, meine Liebe." You grinned at Gilbert's thoughtfulness; he was surprisingly sweet. He was being so gentle, and caring with you; it was nice, but you hoped he wouldn't be too sweet and gentle later on. After all... you were curious as to how... 'seme', (as Kiku would put it) Gilbert could be with you. He couldn't be shy and awkward forever; no matter how adorable he looked with flushed cheeks.

Gilbert's hands returned to giving your body the attention it needed, and he squeezed down gently on your breasts, earning a very soft mewl from you. Again, the albino tensed, and his face was dusted in red, "Kese... _________... you sound so cute~" Gilbert teased, an awkward grin on his face.

"I-idiot," you mumbled, barely narrowing your eyes at the Prussian. He chuckled ever so lightly, and began to sensually massage your breasts, alternating between gentle kneading, and rough squeezes. Both felt delightful and had your heart racing. As Gilbert dealt these wonderful ministrations to you, his soft lips pressed against your own once again, and you relished in the loving kiss. You had missed Gilbert's lips; you loved kissing him so much.

Slowly moving his mouth against yours, Gilbert slid his lithe fingers down your concealed chest and stomach, until his hands gripped the hem of your shirt once more. This time... he'd be able to do it; definitely! "M-may I, Mädchen?" Gilbert asked sincerely, fiddling with the edge of your shirt; awkwardness laced his actions.

You sighed in relief, finally glad he was bold enough to remove your shirt, "O-of course," you said, "you... you don't have to ask." Gilbert's eyes averted away for a brief second, and an adorably nervous grin appeared on his face.

"I-I still wanted to ask, though," He mumbled, finally reverting his eyes to you, "it would be so unawesome of me if I didn't, kese..." Gilbert chuckled just barely, but the nervousness following his actions was blatant, "a-anyway..." Slowly, the albino began lifting your shirt up, revealing each new piece of your bare skin. You shivered when the chill of the room hit your body, and Gilbert at last tossed the useless article away--beside his own.

"C-cold..." You murmured, a chilling and piercing air coursing through your body.

Gilbert oddly smirked, "W-well," he said, "if you're cold... I can fix that~" Even though he was the one saying it, Gilbert still couldn't stop his cheeks from warming. The thought of doing the things he had in mind to you made him feel so flustered and anxious; he never thought about these types of things!

With a nervous furrow of his brow, the Prussian kissed your cleavage, and his hands soon cupped your bra-cladded breasts. A soft, barely audible moan emanated from the back of your throat after Gilbert gently squeezed your mounds. Another warm blush lightly dusted the albino's cheeks; he squeezed once again, loving the sounds he was earning from you.

After toying with your breasts for a while, Gilbert's hands slowly ghosted down your stomach, and you shivered when his somewhat coarse digits ran down your form. Pulling his mouth away from your chest and planting a sweet kiss against your soft lips, Gilbert eventually gripped the elastic of your pajama bottoms; again, he hesitated.

You consequently pulled away from the chaste kiss, and blushed just barely as you tilted your head away from the Prussian; "G-Gilbert," you said, "you can... t-take it off... if you'd like..." His face faltered briefly--just barely losing his 'awesome' composure for a split second.

A grin suddenly appeared on Gilbert's face; however, it was sheepish and shy, "J-ja," he stammered, "I know--I just..." His voice trailed off, and the albino soon sighed and fell silent. Voicelessly, Gilbert slid the odd-designed pants down your legs; you were instantaneously hit with the chill of the room.

"Brr..." You quietly gasped out, your legs almost shivering from the brisk air of Prussia's room.

Again, the Prussian oddly smirked--awkwardly and shyly, "Kalt again, Mädchen?" He inquired; a sliver of mischief lacing his accented voice. You nodded your head gently, and the Prussian crawled between your legs. Staring down at your nearly-nude form, Gilbert intertwined his fingers with yours, and pinned your arms up above your head, "I-I'll... fix that." Soon after whispering that to you, Gilbert pressed his lips to yours once again, kissing you sweetly and chastely. Your mouths moved together in an awkward fashion, but it was nice. Gilbert's lack of experience was cute--and it wasn't like you had all the experience in the world, either; it was an awkward bliss.

Eventually, Gilbert's hands went lax, and he relinquished his grip on you. However; the albinos slender hands maneuvered down towards your torso, and snaked around to your back. With his fingers fiddling around nervously, Gilbert eventually managed to unclip your bra; he never once stopped kissing you as he did so,  either.

You gasped, startled that Gilbert had made such an unusually bold move, "G-Gilbert..."

Immediately, the Prussian stopped and pulled away from you--a startled look swiped across his face in an instant, "__________," Gilbert half-shouted, looking even more anxious than you, "I-I'm not moving too fast, am I?" In all honesty, you were quite all right with the scenario... you were just a tad nervous; I mean, this was Gilbert we were talking about! You were madly in love with him; of course you were slightly biased over the situation. What if he didn't... like your breasts? Or--knowing Gilbert--what if he had some sort of panic attack? ...the latter was probably more probable...

Swallowing a dry lump in your throat, you barely grinned, "O-of course I'm OK with it!" Gilbert stared at you for a while, still not entirely sure if he should continue or not. Eventually, though, he did. With a somewhat determined nod of his head, the Prussian slowly and sincerely began sliding your bra off; his eyes were closed from being so nervous, and a bright rouge decorated his face.

Eventually, the article was off, and Gilbert threw it to the side, blindly and unceremoniously; his eyes were still closed tight, and his nerves were acting up once more.

More and more moments passed, and you just laid there, your head was tilted to the side--away from Gilbert; you couldn't bring yourself to look at him; not while you were so embarrassed and exposed. You could tell his eyes were still closed, too, even though you weren't directly looking at him. And so, you spoke up, your voice shaking just barely as you whispered to the Prussian; "U-um... Gilbert, you can... um..." your faltering voice trailed off, and you sighed at yourself.

In the silence of the room, you could hear Gilbert swallow thickly, and he said, in almost an unsure whisper, "J-ja... I know," You blinked once, somewhat baffled that he had understood your nonsensical rambling. Gilbert inhaled a deep and assuring breath, almost as if he were attempting to relax, and encourage himself, "here I go..." he mumbled, mostly to himself.

The albinos scarlet gaze was soon revealed and fixated on your chest. For a while, Gilbert was incredibly silent, and so, you turned your head to glance up at him. His eyes were taking in your half-naked form in almost a hungry manner, and it made your face flare up in a heated blush.

Blushing just as much as you, Gilbert forced a small grin, and leaned his face down to hover his lips against your ear, "Du bist... sehr schön, _________..." he murmured against your ear, planting a very soft, and gentle kiss against it. You flinched just barely from the delicate kiss, and from his words. Chuckling from your reaction, Gilbert pulled away, that blush still present on his cheeks. With one last nervous inhale of breath, Gilbert migrated his hands to rest on your bare mounds; his palms tingled and his fingertips twitched upon feeling the softness of the plush skin, and he squeezed both of your breasts gently, earning a soft mewl of approval from you.

After that one, soft, indistinguishable sound you made, Gilbert practically had all of the confidence he needed; knowing he was making you feel good already made his heart pound, and so, he began massaging and caressing your sensitive mounds of flesh.

A few moments of playing with your breasts went by, and eventually, Gilbert mustered up the courage to experiment a bit further. Nervously moving his head down, Gilbert planted a delicate kiss on the tip of your rosy bud, and soon, the entirety was engulfed into the crevices of his mouth. You gasped and shivered from the feeling of his hot muscle flicking tentatively against your pert tip.

Once again, Gilbert was satisfied with your adorable reactions to his sexual advances, and he swapped sides, now licking and sucking on your other breast, making sure it received equal attentions. Again, you gasped from the wonderful actions being preformed on you.

After giving your breasts enough attention, Gilbert's soft lips skimmed down your chest and stomach, sending pleasurable waves up your spine; his lips stopped once they came into contact with your underwear. Your heart smacked against your chest loudly, and you could already feel how useless the final garment was; your panties were quite soaked from the wonderful attentions being given to you, and Gilbert knew this. The impure thought made his face flush once more, and he pulled away, awkwardly, "G-gack..." he choked out, his face growing hotter and hotter with each passing moment.

"G-Gilbert," you suddenly mumbled, earning a confused glance from said Prussian, "y-you're not being fair..." an even more confused expression fixated on Gilbert's face, and he tilted his head to the side.

"Was--?" He asked, and you interrupted his somewhat-calm conscience when you lazily grabbed and tugged at the waistband of his pants, "Ah, __-_________...!" Gilbert half-shouted, his face darkening even more. Again, you pulled on the fabric, and a sheepish look swiped across his pale face.

Voicelessly, Gilbert nodded in a shy understanding, and he pulled away from you entirely to remove the useless article. Soon, Gilbert was tugging at his own pajama pants, and once they were off and gone, he was left in his Prussian flag boxers. You mentally grinned at his boxers; did people seriously make such a thing...?

While you were in your small trance, Gilbert's body was, once again, hovered above yours, and he bent down to place a forceful and passionate kiss against your lips. Taken by surprise, you groaned softly against his lips, and Gilbert smirked as his hands maneuvered to explore your body. Soon, his right hand was kneading and massaging your unattended breast, as his left hand slid down your stomach slowly, until it reached its destination; your covered vital regions.

The Prussian pulled his lips away from yours, and returned to suckling and nibbling on your neglected neck. Whether he grew bored with your lips, or wanted your mouth unoccupied so he could hear you moan--you'll never know... however the latter was probably the answer. As his thumb and finger pinched and squeezed your sensitive, rosy bud, the lithe digits of Gilbert's other hand fingered soothing circles on your stomach, making you shiver. After that, his hand returned to your vitals, and he ran a single finger against your covered womanhood. Your legs twitched involuntarily, and Gilbert smirked once again from your reaction; his cheeks were dusted a light pink.

Cackling out that strange laugh of his softly, Gilbert slowly and sensually ran his hot tongue up the outer shell of your ear, as his finger did the same against your wet, concealed opening. You let out a slightly more audible moan, and gripped the Prussians bed sheets with little effort. With a bright blush overwhelming your face, you gasped out, "Mn~ G-Gil...bert...!" Gilbert's smirk never faltered, however, his face did darken in shade.

"Kese... s-say mein Name again, ________..." Gilbert murmured into your ear softly, kissing your ear and pressing his finger against your eager opening a bit harder for added emphasis.

With hazy and glazed eyes, you barely nodded assent to Gilbert's demand, and as his finger pressed against you harder, you couldn't help but moan out once more, "Ahn... Gil...~" Gilbert smirked at the short nickname; he knew he had taken your breath away, and he was slowly preparing your body physically, and his mind mentally. Maybe now the albino was ready to thrust away his awkward attitude, and go even further with you...

"__-_______," Gilbert said, pushing his body away from you and gripping the edges of your panties, "I-... I want to..." he hesitated and paused before continuing, "I want to go further. B-but only if you'll let me..."

Your face was dusted in red and your chest heaved up and down from panting so much. As you stared into Gilbert's scarlet eyes, he stared back; there was an uncanny gleam of pure confidence and love in his eyes that you just couldn't ignore, "O-OK," you whispered, "I'll... let you..." An entire weight seemed to be lifted from Gilbert's shoulders after you said that, and inhaling a deep breath, Gilbert slowly slid your undergarments down your thighs, legs, and finally, ankles. Once the article was off, the Prussian stared at it awkwardly, his face glowing brightly.

"Ack...!" Gilbert squirmed in embarrassment, and threw your underwear to the side, still blushing furiously. And at last, you were completely nude; topless, bottomless, and helpless beneath Gilbert. His eyes scanned your entire body, and your heart raced violently from the look in his eyes. He looked so... deep in thought. It was frightening, in a way, because you had no idea what he was thinking.

"G-Gilbert..." you murmured almost silently to the Prussian, and he flinched upon hearing his name.

"W-what is it, meine Liebe?"

You remained quiet for a while, and the two of you just stared into each other's eyes. Eventually, though, you spoke once more, "I love you..." You said, clear and crisp, and not regretting a single word uttered. Gilbert grinned down at you, and pressed his lips firmly, but chastely, against yours.

"Ich liebe dich auch, __________..." Gilbert replied breathlessly, "you have no idea how much you mean to me..." A sweet and caring smile filled Gilbert's face; it was amazing. You nodded your head to him in understanding, grinning a bit yourself.

Sighing in pure content, Gilbert placed a quick peck against your lips, before skimming his mouth down your body, until he was met with your bare vitals. Nervously, the Prussian ran a single digit up your moist vitals, and you shivered from the feeling; especially when his finger gently flicked against that sensitive bundle of nerves. Gilbert noticed your body tense, and he pulled away from you once again, sitting on his calves, and looking down at you anxiously, "D-did I hurt you, Mädchen?" he asked sincerely, and you struggled to shake your head no.

"N-no," you uttered breathlessly, "i-it felt r-really good..." Gilbert nodded his head, understanding that you enjoyed the actions being performed to you.

"G-gut~" He stammered, and dived his mouth for your neck once again, nibbling and licking at any skin left unattended. You moaned softly from the pleasurable attentions, and even more so when his index finger rubbed soft circles against that one special, sensitive button, "s-so this feels g-good?" Gilbert questioned to himself, a flustered blush scattered across his cheeks as he continued to rub teasingly against you.

A soft, and yet sharp, moan left your lips, and you gripped the bed sheets with more force. Gilbert took that as a 'yes', and rubbed against that little button even more. More soft moans left your throat, and soon, the teasing rubs just weren't enough, "G-Gilbert...!" you half-shouted, "p-please... you're t-teasing me..." The Prussian's face ignited as he realized that, and he barely chuckled.

"Kese... j-ja, sorry, _________..." He said, maneuvering his lips down towards your neglected breasts, and giving each bud a gentle lick, "the sounds you make are just so cute, though~" Regardless, Gilbert returned to sucking your breasts, swirling and licking each bud in between the crevices of his mouth. As he did this, he prodded a single finger at your entrance, and gently pushed it in, not really knowing if it would feel good, bad, or if he was supposed to be putting a finger in there anyway.

When a much more audible moan left your plush lips, Gilbert knew he was doing something right, and his face flared up once more as he pushed his finger inside of you deeper, until it could go in as far as it could reach. Your body quivered in a strange delight, and you moaned out once more, "Mhn~ G-Gilbert... k-keep going... please..." His face flushed even more after hearing your sexy moans, and he nodded his head nervously.

Gilbert barely withdrew his finger from within you, before rushing it back in--earning a moan of delight from you. A wonky grin formed on his face, and he chuckled just barely, surprised something so simple was making you shudder in so much ecstasy. Girls were weird.

Anyway; giving in to each moan you made, Gilbert began thrusting his finger in and out of you, slowly and torturously. His mouth resumed latching onto your buds, and he sucked gently as his finger pumped in and out of your soaking core. You were practically a writhing mess beneath Gilbert, but you still craved more. It felt amazing; it really did--but you desired more of Gilbert. You wanted him so badly; you wanted him to become one with you, there and now.

Almost--but not exactly--reading your mind, Gilbert inserted another finger, and a deep, flustered blush spread against his cheeks like wildfire. He wasn't sure if this would please or hurt you, but it was worth a shot. You twinged just barely, however it was mild and was immediately replaced with the immense pleasure of a second finger, "Ahn~! G-Gilbert!" you moaned aloud, digging your nails into the sheets. Gilbert nearly flinched from the soft cry of pleasure, and he smirked just barely, plunging his fingers in and out of you faster than before.

Eventually, after teasing you long enough, Gilbert removed his fingers, and you were a gasping mess beneath him. With his fingers dripping with your wetness, Gilbert cautiously, and experimentally flicked his tongue over the clear substance. He barely chuckled, and kissed your other ear before whispering into it, "Kesese~ _________... you taste pretty good..." He said sensually, feeling a soft shiver of indignity run up his spine; the Prussian felt sort of embarrassed over admitting such a thing, but it wasn't like he was lying. Plus, he knew it would make you blush and bother you, which was an added bonus.

Almost on cue, your face heated up, and you frowned, "Ah... q-quiet!" you said, "th-that's so embarrassing to hear..." Gilbert chuckled and kissed your cheek. His lips lingered against your soft and reddened cheek for a while, and as the albino was distracted, you shyly lifted your hand up, and brushed your fingertips over Gilbert's concealed member.

Immediately, Gilbert froze, and his body shivered from your modest touch, "Ghn..." he softly groaned out, glancing down at you, as if expecting more. With your face just as red as his, you slowly slid your digits against his vitals once more, earning another soft groan from Gilbert.

You mentally grinned at how excited Gilbert was from the simple touch, and your face flushed more as you gently gripped his 'five meters', and began to stroke his thinly-clothed vitals--slowly and shyly. Gilbert moaned softly, and struggled to keep himself steady as he hovered above you. Letting out another moan of pleasure, Gilbert buried his face into the crook of your neck, blushing furiously from the attentions being given to him, "Hahn... __-________..." The Prussian moaned out breathlessly against your neck, and you blushed, not really knowing Gilbert would be feeling so much pleasure from such a simple gesture. Boys were weird...

After moving your hand against Gilbert's hardened member for a few moments longer, the albino eventually mustered up enough energy to grab your shoulders, and ram his lips against yours passionately. Your eyes widened from the surprise kiss, and Gilbert wasted no time in diving his moist, hot tongue into the crevices of your mouth. You could feel your vital regions dampen even more with anticipation as Gilbert boldly explored your cavern, and you moaned softly into the heated kiss; your grip on the albinos member went lax, as he continued to kiss you passionately.

You could feel the somewhat dejected pout against Gilbert's lips when you let go of his vitals, and he soon pulled away from you, leaving a glistening trail of saliva to connect your kiss-bruised lips, "__________..." Gilbert said, panting, "a-are you ready...?"    

Your eyes barely widened, and, panting also, you nodded your head, "Y-yes," you said, "more ready... than I ever will be..."

Gilbert grinned sweetly to you, and placed one more kiss against your lips, allowing his mouth to linger against yours for several seconds before pulling away. Crawling off of you, Gilbert inhaled a deep breath, and gripped the elastic of his boxers. He felt so incredibly nervous, being exposed to you... but it was only fair, and he didn't really have anything to be ashamed of, so he slowly started removing the final article of clothing.

Once Gilbert's boxers were off and gone, he repositioned himself above you, and your face ignited once more. This was it; the moment of truth, "__-________," Gilbert stammered, a heavy tone of angst lacing his voice, "a-are you r-ready?" Your eyes locked with his, and you barely nodded your head. You truly felt ready for Gilbert; this wasn't pointless lust--it was love. You and Gilbert were in complete and utter love with each other, and this was the outcome of years of bottled-up and suppressed emotions. "A-alright... I-I'll try and be... g-gentle... OK?" you nodded once more, and Gilbert sighed nervously. "Ja..." He glanced down at your body, and an adoring grin flashed on his face, "you really are so beautiful, _________..." he said, lining himself with your entrance.

After a few torturous moments of Gilbert just staring down at your willing and ready body, he eventually mustered up every last ounce of awkward Prussian courage he had, and pushed himself into you.

He thrusted himself inside, slowly at first, until he realized how much pain it was putting you through, "Aghn!" you choked out, feeling an excruciating and sharp twinge in your vitals. Eventually, Gilbert pushed all of himself into you, and held perfectly still; his face was a bright and glowing red, and he gritted his teeth harshly. The way your moist and warm womanhood wrapped tightly around his length sent the albino into an indescribable bliss; however, he knew you were going through a horrid pain, and so, he made sure he held perfectly still.

"Hng... I-I'm so... sorry... __-_______..." Gilbert faltered, trying hard to not get lost in the wonderful feeling of his first time. You barely nodded your head, in an attempt to assure him it was alright; after all, it wasn't his fault you were a virgin. The barrier had to be broken; it was the only obstacle in the way of yours and Gilbert's love.

After a few moments of awkward pain and discomfort, the strange feelings finally dissipated, and were replaced with an indescribable pleasure. You winced just barely from the strangely wonderful sensation, "G-Gilbert..." you said, "you can m-move... p-please..." The Prussian blinked a few times, a look of shock etched upon his face; he still wasn't completely sure if he should move or not! What if he hurt you again? What if the pain was even worse?! A nervous bead of sweat slid down Gilbert's face, and he swallowed thickly.

"Ja, O-OK..." He mumbled unsurely, and pulled himself out of you, excruciatingly slow. Even something as simple as that sent Gilbert into a pleasure-filled bliss; he loved the way you felt around him. He inhaled a sharp and deep breath, and counted down to himself in German, "Drei... zwei..." Gilbert paused, and stared down intently at your whimpering form; he had hoped with all of his mind, body, and soul that this wouldn't hurt you, "E-eins..." and with that, Gilbert thrusted himself inside of you once more, and a quiet, but hoarse, moan echoed in the back of his throat.

You moaned aloud also, and your grip on the bedsheets tightened. It felt amazing! Such wonderful sensations tingled throughout your body; the fact that Gilbert was the one doing this to you, also made it feel that much more better.

As you were lost in a trance-induced bliss, Gilbert began steadily thrusting in and out of your soaking core, groaning out softly from your tightness. Gilbert had never felt such pleasure before! There was no way for him to describe it; and it was with you, which made the experience all the more pleasurable. Hearing each moan you made from each of his thrusts was like music to his ears; he loved the sounds you made.

Picking up his thrusting pace quite a bit, Gilbert's face flushed a deeper shade of red, and he moaned out breathlessly, "Ahn...! __-_________~!"

You blushed profusely when the albino said your name so adorably, and you found yourself moaning louder than before as Gilbert penetrated you, harder and deeper, "Mhn...! Gilbert~" You half-shouted in pleasure; Gilbert mentally smirked from your adorable outburst.

Maneuvering his hands to grip your wrists, Gilbert held your arms up beside your head, and he pushed deeper into you; his lips were quick to latch onto your breasts, and he sucked harshly on the sensitive buds as he thrusted in and out of you--faster than before. More and more moans echoed from yours and Gilbert's throats, and the Prussian nibbled at your breasts, sending even more pleasure-filled waves throughout your body. You bit your lip, just to prevent yourself from moaning out so loudly.

"Nein," Gilbert said, "don't hold back your moans, _________... they're so cute~" Almost as if to add emphasis on his statement, Gilbert pounded himself into you with force, leaving you with no choice but to moan aloud in pure ecstasy.

"Mn... ahn~! G-Gilbert...!" You moaned loudly, earning a sheepish smirk from Gilbert.

"Ja~ sehr gut, mein sexy Mädchen! Kesese~" Gilbert softly cackled, and you frowned; you also just noticed his thrusting speed slowed down significantly. Noticing too, Gilbert brought another shy and flustered look upon his face, and he blushed heavily as he picked up his pace--ramming into you faster, and harder, "Ghn... __-_________... Ich l-liebe dich..." he said breathlessly, moving his head up just barely so he could resume ravaging your neck. As he did this, you could feel him penetrate you deeper once more, and the added feeling of his mouth sucking on your neck resulted in you moaning loudly.

"Ahn~ I-I... I love you... too, G-Gilbert..." you somehow managed to mumble out, gripping and squeezing the bed sheets even more than before. Gilbert lovingly grinned, and nodded, going back to pleasing you to the best of his ability.

After a while longer of thrusting in and out, Gilbert eventually slammed into a spot that sent the most amazing kind of pleasure throughout your whimpering body; he had found your g-spot, and the feeling drove your senses wild, "A-ah!! Gilbert~!!" you moaned out, practically screaming the Prussians name. Gilbert tiredly smirked, and aimed to hit that spot, over and over again.

He did, and as he continued to pound into your hot core, Gilbert could feel himself nearly hitting the edge, "Ngh~ __-__________... I-I'm gonna--"

"I know; m-me too..." you interjected shakily, panting and moaning heavily beneath Gilbert. He nodded in an awkward understanding, and leaned down, pressing his soft lips onto yours as he continuously rammed in and out of you. His tongue dove into your mouth immediately, and as his speed picked up to as fast as he could go, the Prussian moaned loudly into your mouth, as he felt your walls tighten and contract around his member.

You shouted out Gilbert's name one last time in pure ecstasy, before finally meeting your release; almost immediately after you had hit your climax, Gilbert followed suit, and he moaned loudly into your mouth as he released himself inside of you.

For a while, Gilbert held himself still--not wanting to remove himself from you and break the loving bond. However, after a few more moments of just panting, and catching his breath, Gilbert unsheathed himself from you, and shakily lay down beside you.

After a few, long, moments of pant-filled silence, Gilbert eventually spoke up, "M-mein Gott, __________..." He spoke, still panting heavily, "that was... amazing..." Your face flushed and you turned to look at the Prussian lazily; your whole body felt like it was just going to shut down at any moment.

Blinking a few times, you questioned hopefully, "R-really?" Gilbert nodded his head in short, eager nods.

"J-ja," he said, "I'm so glad... that you and I... did this..." You grinned from his words, and Gilbert turned on his side to face, and embrace you; he held you tightly, and pulled the covers over your weak, sweaty bodies, "Ich liebe dich, ___________... so much..."

Nuzzling into Gilbert's chest, you replied sleepily, "I love you too, Gilbert... I always will--forever..." The Prussian grinned and nodded, and kissed the top of your head.

"Kesese... best birthday ever..." And after hearing those words, you fell asleep, to the sound of Gilbert's beating heart, and the heavy wind of the storm outside.

Das Ende.

Kumajesus titty-fruking christmas. I've been writing this since Christmas, LOL. ;;7;; I wanted to top my last Prussia lemon, so I hope I did a good job. I tried my best to keep him adorably in character < 7 <;;; ....... yeah.

So yeah. I really hope you guys like this one. It was so much fun to write it! And, uh... I guess it's really different, too... xD I don't think most people write Prussia lemons where he's such a ponce--but whatever. I do what I want! :dummy:

Prussia & Hetalia is owned by Hidekaz Himaruya.

You are owned by the sex-God of awesomeness. That's actually me. :I Yeah. MUAHAHAHA.

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I. Loved. This.

You know me, I'm not a huge fangirl over Prussia - but I thought that this lemon, along with the part preceding it, was great! It was really well written (*wipes away nosebleed for third time*) and it never really had me bored! Which is saying something, considering if I'm not that into a character, reading a story about them will be like going to math class. I'd fall asleep!

But yes, Sara, you did an AWESOME - yes, using Prussia's word - job on this! With each writing piece, I can tell you're getting better and better! The lemony parts are really good. Probably from writing walls~

Keep up the awesomeness that is your creativity and artwork!
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I got to say it was very good ! please continue to make a good job :)
I never really did saw a Prussia lemon ( just 5 of them ) and ass far as i think this is the best one in deed !
I just think it was very long try to make it a bit more short :)
So when you make another i think that woud be good and seeing Prussia shy was very original ! the technique that you used was also very cool and it did have a bit of Impact on me :)
I wish you good luck !:D... bye bye :)
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Omg I was listening to "My Melody" by dbsk while reading this and let me tell you it is PERF!
AzureKit Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks O3O
XxUberNoodlexX Nov 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
hetaliatardis Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This lemon is fantastic! Love it. :)
AzureKit Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ouo
hetaliatardis Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's one of my fave lemons on this entire site! Pleasure to read. :D
AzureKit Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow thanks >/w/<
Oh %u2026 Wow. O.O
I read many Prussia lemons, but your lemons take the cake!!! I love a good detailed lemon!! I'm a pervert, i know :D. Please make more like these with Prussia :meow:
AzureKit Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, thank you. :3 I will! Thanks for reading! <3
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