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January 18, 2013
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Happy Birthday...

The rain was heavy today--but why was it raining, anyway? It was winter--January, to be precise. To be even more, it was the eighteenth of January, and your dear friends' birthday.

Gilbert Beilschmidt.

He was also the human representation of the former Kingdom of Prussia; and you were not afraid to admit that you loved him very much. You wanted to make sure his birthday was the happiest, and best day ever--but something was wrong.

You had called a few hours prior and told the former nation you would be spending his birthday with him, but he had dismissed you.

"Don't worry about it, Mädchen; don't bother coming," He had said when you called him on your cellphone hours ago. You had listened, too... but it didn't feel right to just abandon your dear friend on such an important day. There was  also the fact that no one else recognized Gilbert as the great country he once was--and so, because of that, no one really recognized the eighteenth of January as his birthday anymore.

So, what--did he not have a birthdate then? Not even Gilbert knew anymore.

With a huff of a sigh, you had ventured through the pittering and pattering rain to visit your unusual friend. You wanted to spend at least some time with him, before the blizzard you had heard about hit tonight. There was no way you were going to abandon him; he already felt lonely enough, after all.

It was strange, really. It seemed as if Gilbert and you knew more about each other than the other way around. There were things Gilbert had discovered about you, that you didn't even know about; and likewise with yourself. It was accurate to say that you knew Gilbert like the back of your hand. Maybe even better.

You stared at the door to his house, which he happened to share with his younger brother--Ludwig--the human representation of Germany. Inhaling a long, and nervous breath, you held your arm in the air; your fist was balled up and ready to knock on his door, but... you couldn't do it. He had told you to stay away today--but why? You were curious, yes, but you also didn't want to upset him. He was your dear friend, after all, and you loved him very much...

Knock, knock, knock... You knocked slowly and hesitantly on Gilbert's door, a frustrated frown on your face. After a few moments of being drenched in the rain, (you were in such a rush and didn't bother grabbing an umbrella) the door slowly creaked open.

"... __________?" Gilbert greeted, a shocked look on his pale and handsome face. His unusual red eyes were slightly wide as he took in your damp and shivering form, "ah... c-come inside, Mädchen..." He offered, opening the ornate wooden door and gesturing for you to enter. You did, and as you entered his home, you realized how quiet and lonely it felt.

Ludwig wasn't home...

"Ah... a-are you here alone, Gilbert?" You asked nervously; the albino nodded, darting his ruby gaze away from your enticing stare.

"J-ja...but it's fine! He's busy with country stuff," Gilbert attempted to assure you, awkwardly, a false grin on his face. Your heart clenched.

"O-oh..." Your eyes dropped down sadly; why was Gilbert always being left alone? Didn't anybody understand how much it hurt him? Even you understood this, even if Gilbert himself wasn't fully aware. You could tell he tried to hide it, too. It pained you to see him like that...

Gilbert kept his stare off to the side, and he eventually turned around and walked off, "Kese... it's no big deal, ________... besides, I'm glad you're here! Now we can be awesome together!" Another false grin flashed on the albinos face, and his unique laugh soon faded into nothing; he knew that you knew he was unhappy. He couldn't hide it from you--the person who was closest to him in the world, "s-sorry... ________..." You felt your heart clench painfully once again.

Approaching the albino from behind, you walked closely beside him as you grinned faintly, "D-don't apologize! I just want to spend your birthday with you, Gilbert..." You frowned a bit; that wasn't the only thing you wanted. You wanted Prussia--Gilbert. You wanted him to know of your feelings; to know and understand how much you loved him; to realize that he meant the world to you, and that you'd give anything for him to be happy, even if it was for just a few, short moments... Gilbert remained silent.

"________... why did you come...? I told you... I was fine... you should have just stayed home," Gilbert's red gaze met yours; there was a painful gleam in his eyes, "I don't want you to see me acting so unawesome..."

Your eyes shivered as they locked with Gilbert's; it was so painful to see him this way... but you came over for a reason, and you were going to make sure that reason was fulfilled.

You were going to make Gilbert happy--no matter what.

"I came... because--well--I told you already... I want to spend your birthday... with you." You fidgeted a bit where you stood, and Gilbert blinked thrice as he viewed your form beside him. After a brief spell, the Prussian looked off to the side once again, a thoughtful look on his face.

A long and pregnant pause enveloped the two of you, and for a moment, you were convinced Gilbert was never going to say anything. "________," Gilbert said suddenly, earning a small flinch from you.

"Y-yes?" You responded immediately, locking your wide eyes with the side of his head.

"Why..." Gilbert muttered--almost painfully--after turning his head back to look at you. You tilted your head in confusion and astonishment; Gilbert nearly sounded as if he were about to cry... Shaking his head and chuckling softly, Gilbert went on, "why is it... that you're the only one..." His voice trailed off, and he sighed, "you're the only one... who does this... to the awesome me..."

Now it was your turn to blink thrice; you were utterly bewildered; you had no idea what he was talking about! "G-Gilbert...?" You uttered hesitantly, your eyes still shivering as you viewed the Prussian beside you.

Gilbert chuckled once more, a bit more audibly, "I-it's nothing, ________--you should get out of that coat; you must be cold, ja? You should have some beer~" You nodded just barely, unzipping and removing your coat. Gilbert took the article and threw it somewhere unceremoniously. You didn't mind, though, "do you want some tea, or something?" Your attention reverted from your coat to Gilbert, and you nodded.

"Y-yes please..." You mumbled quietly. Gilbert nodded and smirked broadly, continuing his walk ahead towards the kitchen. You followed closely behind, thankful the hood on your coat had kept your hair nice and dry. The last thing you needed was a cold... although, the tea would have probably helped.

Once the two of you reached the kitchen, you stopped as Gilbert continued on, unknowingly. There was a single beer on the kitchen table. While normally, you'd be happy with this, (you hated when Prussia was drunk) you couldn't help but feel melancholy with that single glass of beer on the table. You knew Gilbert loved beer--but he didn't usually drink alone... at least, you didn't think he did... He was usually drinking with Alfred and Mathias--they were all close friends, after all. But it seemed as if even the American and Danish representations were busy today...

"Oi! ________! Why are you just standing there, Mädchen?" You blinked and turned your head to look at Gilbert; his eyes were barely widened and his mouth was pressed into a thin, flat line, "d-don't tell me you wanted a beer? I was only joking earlier--I offered you tea since I know you don't--"

"It's fine, Gilbert," You interrupted his awkward babbling gently, glancing from the lonely beer, to the lonely Prussian, "I-I don't want any tea--I just remembered I don't like tea... th-thank you, though..." You forced a nervous grin, and Gilbert continued to stare at you confusedly.

"Oh..." Gilbert said, "ja... bitte..." An awkward silence enveloped the two of you for quite a few moments after that.

You bore your stare into Gilbert, and decided to think of a new, and less depressing, topic to bring up with the Prussian, "S-so... what do you want for you birthday, Gilbert?" You asked, just as awkward as the silence that had just surrounded the two of you. Gilbert remained silent once more; he looked as if he was at war with himself in his mind--as if there was something he wanted to say, but just couldn't, for whatever the reason may be. "G-Gilbert?"

The albino Prussian sighed, shutting his enticing red orbs; a faint and nervous smirk formed against his lips as he walked over to you, "Ah... your company is enough, Mädchen," He said awkwardly, finally opening those ruby eyes of his, "so don't worry about it! Kese..."

Your eyes dropped once again, and you turned your head to the side to avoid looking at Gilbert, "Oh," you uttered in a soft and melancholic whisper, "o-okay then..." You couldn't understand why that pained you; perhaps you wished Gilbert would want more from you. All you wanted, was for him to be happy... you'd give anything for that. Anything...

"W-woah! ________--what's wrong?!" Panick flashed in Gilbert's unique red eyes, and he held his hands up in an awkward defense, "d-did I say something wrong? If I did, I'm sorry!" Your face heated slightly as the albino stepped closer and closer to you; the close proximity both enthralled, and intimidated you; you weren't use to such actions from Gilbert.

Taking a ginger step back, you said, "I-it's alright! I-I'm fine--please don't worry!" Gilbert stared at you with wide eyes for a while, frozen in place; did he do something wrong again? Did you not want him touching you? He couldn't tell.

"J-ja... ah... s-sorry, Mädchen," Gilbert stuttered hesitantly, turning his head off to the side once again. You couldn't understand why the two of you were acting so awkward around each other today; usually Gilbert and you were so calm and relaxed around each other, but today--today was different...

You glanced over towards Gilbert, your mouth quivering barely as it was slightly agape, "P-please don't apologize, Gilbert... I-I just..." you paused, "I just... want to make you... h-happy..." You struggled to keep yourself from frowning, and as your lips trembled and turned into a solemn frown, your eyes also shivered and you struggled to keep tears from escaping them. Being around Gilbert while he was like this--it hurt. It hurt so much to know he was unhappy and alone. And it hurt to know there was nothing you could do about it.

"__-________..." Gilbert uttered in a soft whisper, staring intently at your trembling form. He continued to stare for a while longer, unable to bring himself to say anything; he knew not what to say...

You wiped your glossy and tear-pricked eyes with the back of your hands as you attempted to apologize to the Prussian; "I-I'm sorry... G-Gilbert..." You mumbled out, trying hard to not cry; today was supposed to be a happy day... it was Gilbert's birthday! The most awesome and amazing day of the year! "I'm sorry..."

Gilbert continued staring at you, a furrow in his brow was present, "Nein," Gilbert said, "y-you don't have to apologize... I-I was the one... being unawesome..." A gentle grin formed on Gilbert's face--it wasn't broad and cocky like his usual smirks.

You frowned once again, "N-no! You didn't do anything wrong!" God--why was Gilbert acting like this; why was he doing this to you?! You couldn't handle it. When he was so out of character and depressed like this... it hurt. It just hurt too much. The way he was acting... was lachrymose, "y-you didn't do anything... y-you're perfect..."

A mild blush flashed on Gilbert's face; perfect? Sure, he'd call himself awesome, but he'd never go so far as to say he's perfect, "Ah..." Gilbert felt so awkward after hearing you say that; but he liked it... it was a strange feeling. Usually whenever Gilbert pranced around and boasted about how 'awesome' he was, there was always someone who had to tell him otherwise; and here you were, standing in front of him, telling him he was... perfect, "I-I'm not...--"

"Y-you are," You said quickly, cutting Gilbert off immediately. The Prussian's eyes widened slightly, and the once mild blush on his face deepened, "to me... at least..." you finished, staring intently at the floor. Your heart sped up in your chest; what was Gilbert thinking now? He probably thought you were some weirdo who idolized him... but, then again, didn't everybody idolize the Prussian in his eyes?

Gilbert swallowed a thick and dry lump in his throat, and he coughed into his hand, almost awkwardly, "__-________, I..." Gilbert stuttered, his ruby orbs darting left, and right, "I know... what I want for my birthday--but only you can give it to me..." Your eyes reverted to Gilbert, a curious tilt of your head as you stared intently at him.

"W-what is it? I'll do it..." You replied, immediately, curious as to what the Prussian desired of you.

Gilbert remained quiet for a few moments, as he shifted around awkwardly, "A-ah... close your eyes, and I'll tell you," he said, the blush on his face softening, and turning into dull streaks; it was quite an adorable sight.

Hesitantly, you nodded your head, and closed your eyes--slowly and unsurely. Gilbert waved a single palm in front of your blind stare, making sure all you could see was darkness, "G-gut..." He mumbled in German, his eyes drooping down half-way, "__-________... I want..." there was a brief pause as the Prussian lowered himself, and brought his quivering lips to your ear. In a soft, and melodic whisper, Gilbert finally continued, "you..." He finished, at last, and your spine tingled from his warm breath hitting the shell of your skin.

Your heart sped up violently once again, and a furious blush overwhelmed your face; had you heard him right? Surely... surely you were mistaken, "G-Gilbert... I..." Your voice trailed off, and for quite a few moments, all went silent. You cracked your eyes open just barely, and blinked.

After a few more moments, Gilbert tilted his body back up, and moved away from you, a nervous and false grin on his face, along with a freshly painted blush, "Ack... s-sorry, ________...  i-if you don't feel the s-same, then--"

You effectively interrupted the Prussian when you ran forward, and embraced him tightly; too tightly, almost, "G-Gilbert..." you mumbled against his shirt, an overwhelming feeling coursing through your body, "I-I... I love you..."

The albinos eyes were quick to go wide, and a deep crimson to match his orbs overwhelmed his face. You could feel his heavy heartbeat pounding against his abdomen, and you closed your eyes--listening to his heart as you held him tightly; you never wanted to let go.

Gilbert eventually relaxed into the hug, and he stared at your head for quite a few long, and torturous moments. There was a single question roaming through his mind: what should he do now? You had just confessed to him... and he honestly had no idea what to do! His heart was out of control; his face was a bright array of red; his legs wobbled and his body trembled where he stood! Eventually, Gilbert swallowed a sickly lump in his throat, and carefully, he wrapped his slender and pale arms around you--almost protectively, "__-__________... Ich liebe dich auch..." Gilbert mumbled breathlessly, his hold on you strengthening for a brief moment.

A vast swarm of emotions overwhelmed you--some fluffy, others indescribably wonderful. You felt as though you were going to burst; the person you loved--more than anything else in the entire world--actually felt the same for you! It was almost too good to be real, "G-Gilbert," you muttered into the albinos shirt, earning a soft 'hm?' from him in response, "s-say it again... please..." Gilbert barely tilted his head at your demand, but nonetheless, he complied.

"__________... I-Ich liebe dich sehr..." Your stomach did more than a few somersaults and flip-flops upon hearing the Prussian murmur that to you. It felt wonderful. Words just couldn't describe it.

The two of you continued holding one another, loving the way the other felt in both of your grasps. After quite a few moments, however, Gilbert spoke up again, "Ah... there's going to be a bad storm, ________," he said softly, barely pulling away from the loving embrace, "you should get home before it gets bad." You frowned. You had completely forgotten; there was a weather forecast for a blizzard tonight... it would probably be best if you left, like Prussia had said.

Thinking it over for a few more moments, you finally said, "I'll spend the night with you," Your head turned and you stared intently at the albino's face--which was a light pink after hearing your suggestion, "I won't leave you alone..." Immediately after saying that, you reburied your face into Gilbert's chest, earning a  soft and awkward grunt from him.

"Er... a-are you sure, Mädchen? I-I mean..." Gilbert's voice trailed off, and he soon nodded assent--giving in to your suggestion, "a-alright," he said, a short sigh leaving his mouth after. He couldn't help but feel nervous and awkward; it's not like he's ever had a friend stay overnight--let alone a woman. Plus the two of you just spoke mutual love for each other, which also tensed the Prussian.

A faint grin formed on your face when Gilbert agreed to let you stay the night, "Thank you, Gilbert," You said, finally pulling away from the loving embrace with the Prussian; you could feel the hotness of your cheeks from the close and intimate contact.

"Mm... bitte, _________," Gilbert responded, glancing at the clock on the wall; it was late--almost eight. A small smirk fell onto his face as he reverted his attention back to you, "Kesese... well, it's too late regardless; it's probably already snowing Gilbird's out there!"

You grinned just barely at the thought of Gilbird-sized snowballs falling from the sky. Gilbert and you shared a glance for a moment before the two of you broke out into laughter. The thought of such a thing happening was ridiculous! After a few moments of laughing, the two of you finally calmed down; it felt amazing to laugh like that with Gilbert again. The sound of his laughter--of his happiness--was wonderful. It filled your stomach with those happy and fluffy feelings.

You loved Gilbert--you loved him so much.

The sound of Gilbert clearing his throat snapped you out of your small trance, and you blinked twice, "D-do you want to go to sleep now, Mädchen? O-or..." The Prussian's voice trailed off, and a flustered blush bloomed on his pale cheeks.

You glanced down at your feet, and fiddled with your fingers nervously. It was still rather early to be sleeping... but there really wasn't anything else to do, "S-sleep sounds good," you said, shifting your head back up to lock your eyes with Gilbert. After a somewhat awkward silence, you hesitantly headed for the living room; Gilbert trailed behind you.

"Ah, __________... what are you..." You turned your head to view Gilbert, and he grinned gently, "I-I mean... I can't have you sleep on the couch! That would be so unawesome of me, kese..." Gilbert said, ruffling the back of his silver locks with his hand. You blinked.

"Where am I supposed to sleep, then?" You asked, barely blushing at the thought of Gilbert's answer; part of you hoped you'd be able to share a bed with the Prussian. You trusted Gilbert and knew he wouldn't try anything, after all.

A light crimson dusted said albino's face also, and he glanced around awkwardly. Where could you sleep...? He couldn't have you on the couch--that was out of the question. Ludwig's room was vacant on account of him being out on country business; and with the storm, he probably wouldn't be coming home tonight... but the Prussian didn't like the idea of you sleeping in his little brothers bed! And he didn't want to sully you by offering to share his bed...

Gilbert cleared his throat again, and brought a shaky smirk to his face, "Ja, I know; you can sleep in my bed, a-and I'll take the couch--"

"N-no... I can't let you do that..." You quickly interjected, a flustered and thoughtful look on your face, "w-what if I... um... s-slept with... you...?" Both yours, and Gilbert's faces ignited at the thought, and the two of you both turned away from one another in an awkward attempt to calm down, "I-if you don't m-mind!" you added, almost as an afterthought.

Another shaky smirk was forced against the albino's lips as he said, "I-I don't mind... th-that's fine with me! Kese..." Gilbert cackled softly and awkwardly, and his eyes quivered as they ran up and down your form. You... were going to be sleeping... in the same bed... as him... Gilbert's face flushed at such a sinful thought. He shook his head in an attempt to reassure himself that nothing would happen, and approached you. Shakily grabbing your hand, your fingers twined around his; you could feel the contrast of Gilbert's sweaty palm against your own dryer one, "t-to the bedroom..." Gilbert mumbled, unenthusiastically.

You grinned just barely and lightly squeezed down on the Prussian's hand, "Alright," you said, "lead the way." Gilbert nodded and soon led you down a few hallways until you were met face to face with his bedroom. It was... interesting, to say the least!

... He slept in the basement.

"Ah... it may be a bit chilly, Mädchen," Gilbert said, glancing at you, "s-so if you get too cold, just tell me." You nodded your head in affirmation, "G-gut..." he mumbled awkwardly, his eyes darting towards his bed. His face flared up in the makings of a hot blush; there was definitely enough room for the two of you... if your bodies were pressed together, "Ack..." Gilbert choked out at such an unscrupulous thought.

Your eyes shifted between Gilbert, and what he was looking at--the bed, "G-Gilbert...?" You questioned him innocently, not entirely aware of why he was acting so... bizarre.

The Prussian's face didn't cool down after seeing how adorable you looked, "Ah... d-don't worry about anything, _________! Kesese...!" Gilbert sighed after his strange laugh, and it was clear that the only person he was trying to assure, was himself. Regardless, you nodded once more--a bit more unsurely than the last time.

Squeezing your hand just barely, Gilbert led you over to his bed, and he stared down at it awkwardly. His grip on your hand tightened and tightened for every second he stared down at the blanket-concealed mattress, "G-Gilbert... m-my hand... you're... squeezing it," you mumbled softly; you didn't particularly mind the squeezing, but Gilbert was being a little rough.

"H-huh?" Gilbert stuttered, releasing his grip on your hand entirely, "ah...! I'm sorry, Mädchen!" Quickly, the albino glanced away from you, a nervous furrow of his brow present on his face.

You gently grasped the Prussian's hand once more, having felt a chill against your fingers from the emptiness without him, "I-it's alright, Gilbert," you assured the albino, a gentle grin forming on your face. Gilbert returned his stare towards you, a soft blush dusting his pale cheeks.

"A-ah... we should... sleep now," Gilbert mumbled, a small smirk forming on his face. In all honesty, the Prussian felt so much more awesome when your hand was in his grasp. Words couldn't describe how much he loved the feeling it gave him!

You nodded your head in agreement to Gilbert, "Okay," you mumbled softly, feeling slightly nervous all of a sudden. 'How odd...' you thought to yourself; however, you dismissed the strange feeling, and prepared for bed with Gilbert.
After much of dA's shit, it's up. o7o

And I'm lazy so this is it... I spent a long time writing this--I hope you guys enjoy the lemon part! The story was too long, so I couldn't submit it all as one deviation. ;n; Oh well~

Hetalia is owned by Hidekaz Himaruya, along with Prussia.

You are owned by Prussia but he's too adorable to keep you tied down forever. I:

Second Part
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